Hammerite and Jacobi – together more than 20 years


Hammerite and Jacobi are going hand in hand in Israel for more than 20 years now.

Jacobi has established the Hammerite paint to the leading metal paint in Israel thanks to its distribution force

and of course thanks to Hammerite top quality products.

these days, Jacobi is celebrating it’s 60 years¬†anniversary and introducing the new innovative Hammerite DUAL TECH

formula which takes the metal paint category one step ahead of the competitors Рfeatures stronger defense against rust

and better water resistant.


Since its foundation, Jacobi strategy has been based on several simple principles: identification
of unfulfilled consumer needs, identification of foreign manufacturers that provide efficient and
inexpensive solutions, and reinforcement of the corporate brand equity by offering over 1,000 various
products, strengthening consumer satisfaction.